Coin Operated Scale

Product Details:

Height Accuracy 0.5 cm
Weighing Capacity 200 kg
Weighing Accuracy 100 g
Self weight 28 kg (approximately)
Self height 250 cm
Platform Size 360 x 300mm
Height Range 50 to 200 cm


  •  ideal choice for hospitals and clinic
  •  Schools
  •  Physical examination center
  • Health clubs
  • Gymnasiums

Main Features:

  • Automatically measures weight, height & body mass index accurately & rapidly.
  •  It also displays, simultaneously, how much over / under weight you are


  • Thermal Printer can print Date, Time, Weight, Height, BMI & amount of overweight / underweight.
  •  Coin selector to operate the scale only on insertion of coin.
  •  Voice (Audio) Output.

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Person should stand straight and steady so that the Height and Weight will be calculated correctly Now, here the scale calculates Weight, He