Auto Bagging Machines

Product Details:

Machine Type Automatic
Measuring type Weighing type
Voltage 220V/380V
Driven Type Electric
Packaging Material Glass, Paper, Plastic
Packaging Type Bags, Pouch
Packaging Material Material

Auto Weighing & Bagging Machines:-

We provide electronic microprocessor based weighing and bagging machines for high speed automatic weighing and bagging of variety of materials such as fertilizers, food grains, sugar, rice, cattle feed, granules, cereals, coal, coke, chemical powder, flour, flakes, soda ash, etc.

Our net weigher is a versatile bagging machine used to fill 25 to 100 kgs. Of powdery and granular materials. It is designed to work with free flowing, granular and powdery bulk products in weight range above 20 kgs. The weighing container is suspended from two weighing cells and forms an automatic system for weighing a fixed weight values. The digital electronics contain all the switching points required for the weighing and bagging. The tare weight of the weighing system can be checked automatically & corrected by automatic zero taring. Thus, any deposit of dust or product has no effect on the weighing accuracy. After each weighing, the target weight deviation is displayed. When there are deviations outside the desired tolerance range, mainly due to varying flow characteristics of the product, the automatic dribble setting device enables automatic correction of the fineflow cutoff point.

Our machines are designed and Supplies adopting the latest technological developments in the field of accurate weighing. The weighing and bagging machines are available in different models like gravity/belt/screw feeder or vibrating feeder tray. These machines are available as a net or gross model, in mild steel or stainless steel construction.

Electronic type microprocessor based automatic weighing and bagging machines incorporating highly accurate strain gauge load cells and latest state-of-the-art fully digital microprocessor controller are available- capacity upto 900 bags/hour with an accuracy of ± 50 gms or better over a range of 25 kgs to 100 kgs as well as jumbo bags of 1 tonne.

Fully Automatic Bagging Machine

Product Details:

Machine Type Automatic
Power Consumption 3 KW
Voltage 220 V
Weight 800 kg
Speed 100pcs/ph

Fully Automatic Bagging Machine

We are counted among the most distinguished organizations that are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting high quality Fully Automatic Bagging Machine.

These machines are widely known for their accuracy, reliability, high capacity and durability. Offered machines are used in bagging and weighing of a variety of products or material like fertilizers, rice, sugar, grains, pulses, cereals, flour and cattle feed. This Fully Automatic Bagging Machine is delivered at our customers' end within pre-defined timeframe.

Specific parameters:

  • Weighing range

  • Packing speed

  • Accuracy

Semi Automatic Bagging System

Product Details:

Capacity 5 kg to 50 kg
Power Consumption (kW)1.5 x 2
Machine Type Semi-Automatic
Material Mild Steel

Semi Automatic Bagging System:-

Semi-Automatic Bagging Systems provide the same exceptional quality of design and fabrication as our automatic baggers at a lower investment cost, where the application of an operator is practical and desired.

Semi-Automatic Bagging Systems use a preformed bag which the operator takes from a roll and applies to the discharge area of the system.

As with the fully automatic systems, these units produce strong bundles in a single-tier configuration, can be designed to handle different sizes of bottles, and can pack the same variety of shapes as our automatic baggers.

Automatic Bagging Machine

Product Details:

Machine Type Automatic
Strapping speed 0.7s/
Material Stainless Steel

Automatic Bagging Machine


With the high-end intelligent electronic wiring systems and precision mechanical systems, the machine runs smoothly and rarely fail.

Save labour and cost

It is easy to operate, maintain and remove the fails. The machine takes high-end intelligent electronic system and precision mechanical systems, therefore, the operator, even at a low cultural level, can quickly master manipulator routine maintenance.

Besides, the machine has the functions of self-test, self-removing and if an exception occurs during the production process, the machine can remove fails quickly without stopping and not affecting production at all.

So, as opposed to other models, this production line improves production efficiency greatly.


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We provide electronic microprocessor based weighing and bagging machines for high speed automatic weighing and bagging of variety of materia

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