Specific Gravity Balance

Specific Gravity Balance Suppliers in Delhi:

Determining the density of solids and liquids is an inseparable part of work of the laboratories. Traditional method of density determination requires from the operator many measurements and a lot of complex calculation. In result the operator ends with a density determination result which can be saddled with calculation and systematic errors. Additionally time that needs to be devoted to density calculation is long. In case of determining the density of solids and liquids with application of Citizen density determination kit, the whole procedure is very much simplified and speeded up. Time till the operator receives the density measurement is very short, as all the calculation is performed by the software of the weighing instrument, and operator’s activities is limited to:

  •  Operation of the keyboard of weighing instrument.
  •  Placing the samples on the weighing pans of the kit.
  •  hanging the plunger.

Density determination kit is additional equipment offered to our laboratory balances. The software for determination of density has following basic features:

  •  simplicity of usage (all activities are described on the display of the balance),.
  •  reliability (all calculation is automatically performed by the balance’s software),.
  •  fast data processing (result is obtained after determination of sample mass in water or plunger mass in liquid),.
  •  accurate data processing (before every measurement of mass, display indication is automatically zeroed, this proves the density determination result to be reliable and real).

Features & Details:

  •  1-beaker base.
  •  2-pans suspension.
  •  3-plunger.
  •  4-beaker.
  •  5-thermometer holder.
  •  6-thermometr.
  •  8-hook.
  •  9-upper pan of the set for density determination of solids
  •  10-pan string
  •  11-lower pan of the set for density determination of solids.
  •  12-additional weight.
  •  13-additional stand for set of pans or plunger.

Specific Gravity Balance

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
S.G. range 0.9 to 25
Least count 0.001
Weighing Upto 100 gms

Specific Gravity Balances

Our company offers premium quality Specific Gravity Balance at a nominal price. These are manufactured under the supervision of qualified professionals using quality tested raw materials at our vendor’s end.

Offered products undergo several quality checks for the assurance of their flawlessness. These specific gravity balances we offer are extensively demanded in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food processing industries.



  • High accuracy
  • Available with additional stand
  • Smooth functionality


  • Simple and quick to use
  • Direct value of Specific Gravity on digital display
  • Electronic Specific Gravity is useful for checking the various materials, for e.g. Rubber, vulcanized
  • The Electronic Specific Gravity Balance is micro controller based unit
  • Eliminates calculation & manual error


  • Beaker base
  • Pans suspension
  • Plunger
  • Beaker
  • Thermometer holder
  • Thermometer
  • Plunger string
  • Hook
  • Upper pan of the set for density determination of solids
  • pan string
  • Lower pan of the set for density determination of solids
  • Additional weight
  • Additional stand for set of pans or plunger

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