Water Quality Multiparameter

Product Details:

Application Laboratory
Brand Wensar/Labman

Water Quality MultiParameterSalient Features:

PH MODE: Up to 5 points push-button catbratIon with auto-buffer recognition. Selectable pH buffer standards. (USA, DIN, HIST. User-defined) resolution (0.1. temperature units EC or 0F) Automaticaly calculates and displays electrode slope that helps you decide whether to replace pH electrode.Calbration due reminder prompts you to calibrate the meter regularly.
ORP MODE: Absolute or Relative mV measurements provides accurate ORP measured valve .1 point offset calbratico allows user adjusts displayed value to a known standard.
CONDUCTWTTY/TDS/SAIJNITY/RESISTIVITT MODE: Up to 5-point push-button calibration slows user to uses customized calthration solutions. Default 10uS, 84uS, 1413uS, 12.88mS and 111.8mS)Adjustable TDS conversion factors, eel constants, temperature coefficients and normalization temperature. (20°C or 25°C)Alows user selects linear or pure water temperature compensation modes.ln salinity measurement modes. selectable practical salinity (PSU) or seawater measurement standards. (pet).
Selectable wilier temperature units between degrees Celsius ('C) and degrees Fahrenheit (F).
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) ensures high accuracy of measurements.
Automatic endpoint function freezes the stable measured values for easy reading and recording data.
Net message as a operational guide to helps you understand how to use meter.
Setup menu lets user customize the calibration points. stability conditions of measurement, temp. units and date/time to meet personal preference.
Reset function allows user to returns al setting to the factory defatlt values.
Expanded memory stores and race's upto 500 readings.
Bu It-in real-time clock stamps stored data to meets GLP standards.
Stored data can be transferred into personal computer via USS communication interface.
Conductivity cell (1.0)
pH buffers
temperature probe
Electrode Stand
Paver Adaptor
Instruction Manual

UV Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer offeredcomprisesdouble beam scanning UV-visible spectrophotometer that meets needs of professionals requiring accurate measurement. The areas these weighing units are used in include fields like biochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, organic chemistry, life sciences and others. Some of its features include product coming designed and developed using latest technology and electronic control system for optimized working support; smooth structural design finish; provide for high weighing accuracy; quality deuterium lamp to ensure high stability and process reliability.

Additional Information:

  •  Item Code: LMMP.
  •  Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer).
  •  Port of Dispatch: DELHI.

Water Quality Multi parameter

Product Details:

Brand labman
Usage pH, mV, Conductivity,tds
Electronic Multiparameter Meter Tester
Power External adaptor

Multipara Meter.


This instrument is very useful where all parameters need to be measured like in the field of environmental protection, water quality checking, disease control, biological agriculture, aqua culture & scientific research.

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