Semi Micro Balance

Semi Micro Balance Suppliers in Delhi

If you are looking for a balance, measuring up to 5 decimal place but much precise than analytical balance, then Semi-micro Balance should be your first choice. These are precisely designed using the containers which prevent the spill from entering the lab balance, avoiding potential damage.


With the response time of 10 seconds, our offered semi-micro balancing machine has a capacity of 2g to 30 g. The power is sourced by using a power adapter with a capacity of 120 V. Apart from this, these machines are known for their high performance and speedy working besides accuracy. Because of these specifications, we, the Semi Micro Balance Suppliers in India, trade these devices to various industries.


Our machines are fabricated by the skilled Suppliers of Semi Micro Balance in Delhi and are equipped with features which include:

  • Check uniformity in critical components
  • Imported sensors for errorless measurements
  • Perfect for medical and pharmaceutical research
  • Stabilize readings within 10 seconds
  • Air buoyancy correction software
  • Error-free storage of the weights

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