Top 8 Steps to your Healthiest Weight using the BMI Machine

Top 8 Steps to your Healthiest Weight using the BMI Machine

According to a group of scientists from National Institute of Health (NIH) who are specialized in the topic “how weight affects body” conducted a myriad of surveys over the past few decades and by their results, they made recommendations to the health professionals.

Because of their guidelines, many health experts and dietitians evaluate and make recommendations to their clients. You can use the BMI chart to find out what is your weight and what is the ideal weight.

There are top 8 steps that you can use to reach a healthy body goal. Let’s get started.

  1. Various researches have been associated with body fat and weight. You should first determine your BMI or the direct connection between the height and weight. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in KG by your height in meters or ft. Just google the automatic BMI calculator and get the exact measurement.
  2. Another option is to buy a top quality BMI machine and measure your BMI directly. While using this device, you don’t have to calculate your weight or height, just step on the machine and get the figures.
  3. If your BMI indicates that you are overweight, then there are many recommendations of the health experts, some of which are brisk walking, targeting 1000 steps per day, exercising, dieting, yoga, stretching, running, and many more. Make your goal of achieving half KG reduction per week.
  4. If your BMI indicates you being obese, then there are umpteen weight loss treatments like liposuction which is highly prevalent these days among many obese people.
  5. The initial weight loss journey should be a fair reduction of body fat by 10%. This way, step by step, you can achieve your weight loss goals.
  6. Further, if you want more weight loss, then go for rigorous training in which you will be facing hardcore exercise and gymming practices. Apart from this, you can start doing hardcore cardio activities to burn up the fat much faster.
  7. After you have achieved your desired weight and just say, BMI figure, don’t just sit and relax. Start weight maintaining sessions or join any weight maintenance program in which you will be exposed to different dietary schedules and behavioral therapy. Through these sessions, you will notice that your weight is as it was when you joined the classes.
  8. The last important rule is to never mess with your BMI. After achieving your BMI goals, just start bringing some lifestyle changes which help you keeping in discipline. Start a healthy routine to get a healthy you.