Cement Weigh Hopper

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Cement Weigh Hopper

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Capacity 130 kg to 1800 kg
Material Stainless Steel
Power Source Electric

Cement Weigh Hopper

Weighing of cement is a combination of using correctly dimensioned cement screws and a high quality weighing system.

All our cement weigh hoppers are supplied from the our factory with all components installed, such as valves, turning gate, air filter, connection box, indicator and inductive limit switch for indication of gate open/closed.
The weigh hopper has a band for the suspension of control weights. The hopper is to be mounted and suspended by one tension load cell.
Our cement weigh hoppers can be used for all systems and can be bought as one unit.

We also make concrete weigh hoppers.

Weigh Hopper

Product Details:

Brand Swastik Systems
Material Stainless Steel
Grade Automatic

Batch weighing systems are integrated into dry bulk material processing operations to ensure accurate, reliable, and repeatable material delivery in bag filling, bag discharging, and material conveyance applications.

NBE dry material batch weighing systems immediately contribute to processing efficiencies by reducing material waste, optimizing line speed and capacity, and helping to provide a safe operator work environment.

Batch Weighing, Weigh Hoppers:

Features & Integration Guide

Weigh hoppers can be positioned directly above the bag or container filler to provide the ability to achieve high filling rates by simultaneously recharging the hopper while the operator manages bag or container change-out.

Accurately fills large containers, gaylords etc. to within 0.5 grams

Unlike cycle count systems that can come up short due to bad shots or machine interruptions, the Weigh Scale Hopper accurately fills even very large containers with the same levels of accuracy as small containers.

Exceptional Versatility:

Weigh Scale Hoppers can be used with almost any type of container filling system – including, In Line, Automated Turntables, bag filling, box filling, multi level storage systems, etc.

The Weigh Scale Hopper can be specifically engineered to suit individual application needs. Options include double load cells, extra large hoppers, etc.

Accurate – Because the Hopper weighs in small batches, it can achieve a much greater level of accuracy than traditional platform style weigh systems that must weigh the container, scale platform, and total number of parts.

Fast – Does not need to stop filling while a new box is moved to the fill position.

Flexible – Can be used with almost any box or bag filling system.

Space Saving – Does not require a separate fill station.

Economical – Costs less than traditional weigh scale systems.

Protect Workers & Equipment:

EMI’s batch mode, Weigh Scale Hopper was specifically developed to provide maximum, part counting accuracy. Depending upon the size of the load cell selected, Weigh Scale Hoppers are capable of detecting part weight as small as 0.5 grams. The final accuracy of a system is dependent on the specific application—the size of the parts, the number of parts on the final cleat, etc.

How does it work?

By sampling a given number of parts in the hopper, a part weight and batch weight is determined.

The number of parts required for a full container is entered into the control system.

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