Heavy Duty Platform Scales

We are a Heavy Duty Platform Scale manufacturer in alirajpur and provide the broad assortment of our machines in alirajpur too. These machines are best for commercial use and are made following the industry standards. These machines are designed with the expertise of our experts and professionals who have years of working experience.


We are aalirajpurg the renowned Heavy Duty Platform Scale supplier in alirajpur and offer the electric machines. These have rugged construction and are available with low battery and count mode. You can get them with all the advanced features on our website and buy them at affordable prices.


We are one of the best Heavy Duty Platform Scale exporters in alirajpur and serve the industry with the excellent quality devices. They come with adjustable display intensity to save the battery power and highly functional. These are made of stainless steel and have the strength to serve you for life long.

Heavy Duty Platform Scale

Product Details:

Display Type Digital
Weighing Capacity (Kg) 200Kg
Power Source Battery
Condition New
Power Supply AC

Industrial Scale:-

Main Feature


  • Red bright LED display.
  • Rugged construction with stainless steel platform.
  • Heavy duty M.S. checkered plate for bigger platter sizes.
  • Sturdy grill provided to support heavy loads.
  • Angle Setter Assembly for clear visibility.
  • 24-bit Σ-ADC (High resolution).
  • Indications for A.C. On, Net / Gross weight, Zero, Battery, Battery low & count mode.
  • Display intensity adjustable for longer battery back-up.
  • Counting function, memory accumulation.



  • Green / Blue bright LED display.
  • IR Remote Control.
  • Detachable extra display at 5 meters.
  • 6 V, 4 AH rechargeable SMF battery.
  • Computer / Printer interface (RS-232 C).
  • Jumbo Display.
  • Tripole Stand.
  • USB Host Port (to transfer Data on Pendrive).
  • USB Port (for computer interface).
  • Wall mounting stand for indicator.
  • Solar Panel (Either mounted on indicator or with separate stand).
  • Real Time Clock.

Platform Scales with Price Computing / Piece Counting features

Model Capacity Accuracy Platter Size
NEP - 30 A 30 Kg 2.0 g 320 X 320 mm
NEP - 60 A 60 Kg 5.0 g 400 X 400 mm
NEP - 150 A 150 Kg 10.0 g 450 X 450 mm
NEP - 150 A 150 Kg 10.0 g 600 X 450 mm
NEP - 150 A 150 Kg 10.0 g 600 X 600 mm
NEP - 300 A 300 Kg 20.0 g 600 X 600 mm
NEP - 300 A 300 Kg 20.0 g 750 X 750 mm
NEP - 600 A 600 Kg 50.0 g 600 X 600 mm
NEP - 600 A 600 Kg 50.0 g 750 X 750 mm
NEP - 600 A 600 Kg 50.0 g 900 X 900 mm
NEP - 1000 A 1000 Kg 100.0 g 750 X 750 mm
NEP - 1000 A 1000 Kg 100.0 g 900 X 900 mm
NEP - 2000 A 2000 Kg 200.0 g 1250 X 1250 mm
NEP - 5000 A 5000 Kg 500.0 g 1500 X 1500 mm

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